Do Good Adventures™ helps organizations plan

and implement events and trips that do good

We work with businesses, foundations, schools and non-profit organizations to create group trips, team-building events and fundraisers that help promote philanthropy and volunteerism. Over the past 15 years, through our adventure travel company,  Steppin’ Out, we have engaged in hundreds of discussions with people while leading groups throughout the world. With their help, we have developed a proven and systematic approach that allows us to design and facilitate trips and events that actively engage people in ways that change their view of the world and their role in it.

One specialty area  of Do Good Adventures™ is our Caring Generations™ program that helps create lasting cross-generational bonds between employees, customers, business partners and families. These powerful adventures were developed after our clients expressed  concern about the  challenges that  prevent the next generation from understanding the personal and societal value that comes from philanthropy and volunteerism.


Adventure Tip of the Week

Take some pictures of your family, home town and friends with you when you head abroad to volunteer. The people you meet will be just as interested in you and where you come from as you are in them.